Initiated and produced by

Alessandra Renzi
Dietmar Offenhuber
Nathan Felde

Website + Visualizations

Navarjun Grewal, Website coding
Colleen Curtis, Website design
Siqi Zhu, Spherical Visualization
Christopher Pietsch, Timeline Visualization

Qualitative Data Analysis

Alix Alto, Elena Chace, Jessica Imbro, Zoe Gregoric, Abhishek Majumdar, Samantha Cohen, Collen Nugent, Plamedi Makelela, Carly Davis, Kaley Elizabeth Bachelder.

Consulting Archivists

Patrick Yott
Sarah Sweeney

Collection at Site

Lucas Freeman
Alifa Rachmadia Putri
Jason Yee
Christine Leopold
James Ryan Welch
And all participating volunteers

Documentation and Digitization Event

Lee Moreau
Bruce Hamilton
Judy Ulman
Chris D’Orazio
Ann McDonald
Atticus Allen
Daniel Felde
Farzaneh Safarani
Craig Robertson & family
Joanne Morreale & family
Janos Stone & family
Skye Moret
Mary French
And all participating volunteers

With generous support provided by the College of Arts, Media and Design, the NULab for Texts, Maps and Networks, and Snell Libraries of Northeastern University, Boston.